ME master’s student, Neehar Kulkarni, wins best poster

June 14, 2016


Neehar presenting in front of 200 people from various universities, the Army and many industry members

Neehar Kulkarni has won first place for his poster that was presented at the Automotive Research Center (ARC) review meeting in Ann Arbor this past May. He also presented a case study in addition to his poster, both of which were about the research he completed for his MS degree under the advisement of Drs. Gang Li, Nicole Coutris, and Georges Fadel.

The project was entitled “Design of a meta-material for the tank track pad”. Two other students, Sampath Dangeti and Zachary Satterfield, also worked on the project to complete their MS degrees.

As a result of all of their work, a meta-material was designed and built (pictured right). It will be tested in house, before additional testing at the Army TARDEC site.

Meta-material sample

Meta-material sample

Neehar graduated this past May with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.