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February 2, 2024

ICYMI – Learning Objectives and Course Alignment

Last week, Digital Learning Strategist Leslie Fuller, Ph.D., facilitated the Workshop Wednesday on learning objectives and course alignment. The workshop highlighted the importance of writing out clear learning objectives that align with the material, assignments, and teaching methods in your course. The recording is now available.

A Few Highlights:

  1. Create specific, measurable learning objectives. Learning objectives should be specific and personalized to fit the course you are teaching. The modules should reflect this specificity. Learning objectives should be written from the leaner’s perspective rather than brought straight down from a curriculum body. Make sure the learning objectives are appropriate for the level course. To elaborate: a graduate level course should have components that require deeper analysis than an introductory level course. Objectives should be measurable, meaning learner outcomes will be measured by the work they produce or the assignments you assign. The objectives should be observable as students progress through the course. 
  2. Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to create learning objectives. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a framework that encompasses the different levels of learning that students do. The base level begins with knowledge questions then progresses through comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and up to evaluation. The learning objectives should correlate with the level of learning you are asking from you class. For example, an introductory or principles course requires the lower tier levels of learning while a senior capstone course require the higher end. There will be overlap in these levels as you adapt to and challenge your specific students.  
  3. Align course components with the major learning objectives. Alignment is what ties the learning objectives and course components  together. Make sure that your assignments evaluate your module learning objectives, and these all connect to the overall learning objectives. Assessments, learning activities, provided instructional materials, and other technological tools should all serve the learning objectives. 

Upcoming Events

Best Practices for Designing Online Group Assignments

Wednesday, February 7th, 1:30-2:30 PM

Join this training to learn more about designing effective online group assignments! Whether you have a specific question or simply want to learn more about the pedagogy of online group assignments, this training has you covered. 

Facilitated by Dara Abimbade, Ph.D., Digital Learning Strategist.

 Registration: Best Practices for Designing Online Group Assignments.
Modality: Virtual and synchronous—an Outlook Calendar invite, with the Zoom link, will be sent.

Training will be recorded. Registrants will receive a recorded training on this topic. 

Quick Hits: Turnitin Feedback Studio

Thursday, February 15th, 3:30-4:30 PM

Join this training to learn more about the Turnitin Feedback Studio and AI detection. Whether you are completely new to Turnitin Feedback Studio, want to see a demonstration, or just have a question related to the topic, this training has you covered. When registering, choose whether to have a specific topic covered, enter your question, or both. 

Facilitated by our Learning Tech Team.

When: February 15th, 3:30-4:00 pm.
Registration: Quick Hits: Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Clemson Online Spring 2024 Events Calendar

Review our Spring 2024 Events Calendar to see what Online Instruction Development opportunities await!

We have a robust lineup of topics and live training formats to support your use of Canvas and other e-learning tools. Topics cover demonstrations of using Kaltura, presentations on group assignments in online courses, and workshops to get your Canvas site ready to teach!

All of our live training is recorded. Registrants will automatically receive a link to that day’s video after it has been processed.

Contact Millie Tullis with any questions regarding these sessions.

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