Physics and Astronomy

2015 Physics and Astronomy Student Awards

Our outstanding students are winning honors and awards again. Emily Thompson (Junior) is a winner of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and the Outstanding Junior in Science in the College of Engineering and Science. Marharyta (Margo) Petukh is the Outstanding Graduate Researcher in the College of Engineering and Science. Biophysics student Marharyta (Margo) Petukh has been named Clemson University’s Outstanding Graduate Researcher for 2015.

Clemson Team Returns to Poker Flat Research Range for MTeX Mission

The Spring 2013 issue of Schrödinger’s Tiger described the Department’s participation in the newly awarded NASA sounding rocket experiment “MTeX,” led by the University of Alaska to study turbulence in the mesosphere-lower thermosphere region. During the holiday break of 2014/2015 I was fortunate enough to travel with Clemson coinvestigator Dr. Gerald Lehmacher to Fairbanks for […]

Summer Courses

Introductory Physics and Astronomy courses are available online this summer. See what is offered and how to take them.

Clemson Nanomaterials Center Celebrates Nanotechnology Day

It is said that the excitement of learning separates youth from old age, and that we stay young as long as we are learning. A true testament to this statement was the recent “Nanotechnology Day,” cohosted by the Clemson Nanomaterials Center (CNC) and the Roper Mountain Science Center (RMSC) in Greenville, South Carolina. On March […]