Physics and Astronomy

Studying a bright gamma-ray burst from neutron star merger, astronomers discover heavy elements.

Illustration courtesy of Luciano Rezzolla, University of Frankfurt, Germany Dieter Hartmann and an international team of astronomers “obtained observational evidence for the creation of rare heavy elements in the aftermath of a cataclysmic explosion triggered by the merger of two neutron stars.” They were studying a massive gamma-ray burst named GRB230307A, which was first detected on March 7, […]

Self-extinguishing batteries could reduce the risk of deadly and costly battery fires

Apparao Rao, Clemson University and Bingan Lu, Hunan University “In a newly published study, we describe our design for a self-extinguishing rechargeable battery. It replaces the most commonly used electrolyte, which is highly combustible – a medium composed of a lithium salt and an organic solvent – with materials found in a commercial fire extinguisher. An electrolyte allows lithium ions […]