Physics and Astronomy

Yang Yang Awarded Harvard-SAO Predoctoral Fellowship

Please join me in congratulating Yang Yang for being awarded a Harvard-SAO Predoctoral Fellowship. Over the past few years, several PhD students from our department have had the opportunity to work at other research institutions as part of their graduate education. Yang Yang is the fourth student in recent years (joining Amy Gall, Xiuriu Zhao, […]

An X-ray of a Kilonova

August 17, 2017 was a watershed moment for multimessenger astronomy when the gravitational waves and photons from a kilonova were detected for the first time. And GW170817 continues to surprise. A kilonova results from the merger of neutron stars and is thought to be the source of heavy elements such as gold. Our colleague, Prof. Jon […]

Clemson Students Win SCBio Competition

Alan Rowland, a first year Physics Ph.D. student, and Dylan Carroll, a genetics major, were finished second and third respective in SCBIO’s “Challenge Accepted” video competition. They developed videos highlighting their work in Dr. Podila’s lab. They described their work developing COVID-19 and tuberculosis sensors using smartphones. This work will increase access to such tests […]