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Yang Yang Awarded Harvard-SAO Predoctoral Fellowship

Please join me in congratulating Yang Yang for being awarded a Harvard-SAO Predoctoral Fellowship. Over the past few years, several PhD students from our department have had the opportunity to work at other research institutions as part of their graduate education. Yang Yang is the fourth student in recent years (joining Amy Gall, Xiuriu Zhao, and Jordan Eagle) to be awarded this prestigious fellowship. Kudos to Prof. Takacs for the mentorship and support he has provided to help Ms. Yang achieve this opportunity. At the SAO she will use their electron beam ion trap to generate laboratory astrophysics atomic data for AtomDB, the databased maintained by SAO for the analysis of astrophysical spectra. She works closely with one of our alums, Dr. Gall, and is involved in collaborative work with the University of Georgia and Auburn University funded by NASA. This is a very exciting achievement for Ms. Yang!

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