Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Xian Lu Awarded Grant from NSF’s Grand Challenges in Integrative Geospace Sciences

Dr. Lu’s proposal to the NSF Grand Challenges in Integrative Geospace Sciences program, Advancing National Space Weather Expertise and Research award Societal Resilience (ANSWERS), has been awarded. This grant will support a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Lu to study space weather – in particular they will explore how terrestrial weather events originating at lower […]

Prof. Yao Wang Receives Dept. of Energy Early Career Award

Professor Yao Wang was awarded a DOE Early Career Award for a proposal titled, “Analog Quantum Simulation for Solid-State Spectroscopies”. He has proposed to develop analog quantum simulation protocols for spectroscopy of quantum materials and extend this work to the simulation of spectroscopy of laser-engineered non-equilibrium matter. Quantum materials are characterized by having entangled electrons […]

Yang Yang Awarded Harvard-SAO Predoctoral Fellowship

Please join me in congratulating Yang Yang for being awarded a Harvard-SAO Predoctoral Fellowship. Over the past few years, several PhD students from our department have had the opportunity to work at other research institutions as part of their graduate education. Yang Yang is the fourth student in recent years (joining Amy Gall, Xiuriu Zhao, […]

An X-ray of a Kilonova

August 17, 2017 was a watershed moment for multimessenger astronomy when the gravitational waves and photons from a kilonova were detected for the first time. And GW170817 continues to surprise. A kilonova results from the merger of neutron stars and is thought to be the source of heavy elements such as gold. Our colleague, Prof. Jon […]

Clemson Students Win SCBio Competition

Alan Rowland, a first year Physics Ph.D. student, and Dylan Carroll, a genetics major, were finished second and third respective in SCBIO’s “Challenge Accepted” video competition. They developed videos highlighting their work in Dr. Podila’s lab. They described their work developing COVID-19 and tuberculosis sensors using smartphones. This work will increase access to such tests […]

In Memoriam: Jian He, professor of physics

Professor Jian He and his research group.

I am sorry to announce that our friend and colleague professor Jian He has passed away. Jian was a prolific scholar, caring teacher, conscientious academic citizen and most importantly a good friend. Jian earned his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee and came to Clemson as a postdoc in 2004. In 2008, he joined the […]

Prof. Emil Alexov Awarded the Dr. Wallace R. Roy Distinguished Professorship

Prof. Emil Alexov has been awarded the Dr. Wallace R. Roy Professorship. This Professorship recognizes a high degree of collaboration with Prisma Health, success in health research funding and scholarship, evidence of leadership for multidisciplinary health research teams and mentoring of graduate students. Dr. Alexov is entering his 17th year as a member of the faculty of […]

Sumanta Tewari comments on the status of Majorana fermions

In 2018 a group of researchers in the Netherlands reported the discovery of a Majorana fermion – an important candidate for comprising the qubits in topological quantum computing. Unfortunately the paper had to be retracted. In the news reports on this retraction, our very own Sumanta Tewari (who was not involved in the retracted study) […]

Graduate Student, Lea Marcotulli, Awarded NASA Hubble Fellowship

Please join me in congratulating Lea Marcotulli for earning a NASA Hubble Fellowship. Open to astrophysicists around the world within three years of earning their PhD, this is among the most prestigious prize fellowships available to young astrophysicists. This year, there were 24 fellowships awarded, and Lea will be taking hers to work at Yale. […]

Dr. Amy Pope Awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Amy Pope for being awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher. This recognition is awarded annually by the Association for General and Liberal Studies to recognize a significant record of outstanding teaching and/or course development in general education programs, core curricula, or liberal studies. Founded in 1960, the Association […]