Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Amy Pope Awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Amy Pope for being awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher. This recognition is awarded annually by the Association for General and Liberal Studies to recognize a significant record of outstanding teaching and/or course development in general education programs, core curricula, or liberal studies. Founded in 1960, the Association for General and Liberal Studies is a community of practitioner-scholars that provides strategic, effective and innovative support for peers engaged in the day-to-day work of general and liberal learning in 21st century higher education. Dr. Pope is a beloved instructor who continues to find innovative ways to engage her students – especially those who enter their first physics course with more than a little trepidation. She tirelessly works to find new ways to communicate the relevance of physics to students from all backgrounds. Indeed, her most recent work at finding a way to reach students with Physics has been the development of a new course, “The Physics of Sports”. This award is well deserved recognition for her contributions to the mission of the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

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