Physics and Astronomy

Sumanta Tewari comments on the status of Majorana fermions

In 2018 a group of researchers in the Netherlands reported the discovery of a Majorana fermion – an important candidate for comprising the qubits in topological quantum computing. Unfortunately the paper had to be retracted. In the news reports on this retraction, our very own Sumanta Tewari (who was not involved in the retracted study) […]

Graduate Student, Lea Marcotulli, Awarded NASA Hubble Fellowship

Please join me in congratulating Lea Marcotulli for earning a NASA Hubble Fellowship. Open to astrophysicists around the world within three years of earning their PhD, this is among the most prestigious prize fellowships available to young astrophysicists. This year, there were 24 fellowships awarded, and Lea will be taking hers to work at Yale. […]