Physics and Astronomy

Stephen Kaeppler receives the NSF CAREER Award

Stephen Kaeppler, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, will receive a five-year National Foundation CAREER Grant of $721,601 to continue his research into observational and modeling investigations of pulsating aurora electrodynamics.  What are Auroras? They are unimaginable light shows that shower the north and south poles. They occur due to the interaction of charged particles […]

Prof. Emil Alexov Awarded the Dr. Wallace R. Roy Distinguished Professorship

Prof. Emil Alexov has been awarded the Dr. Wallace R. Roy Professorship. This Professorship recognizes a high degree of collaboration with Prisma Health, success in health research funding and scholarship, evidence of leadership for multidisciplinary health research teams and mentoring of graduate students. Dr. Alexov is entering his 17th year as a member of the faculty of […]

Dr. Amy Pope Awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Amy Pope for being awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher. This recognition is awarded annually by the Association for General and Liberal Studies to recognize a significant record of outstanding teaching and/or course development in general education programs, core curricula, or liberal studies. Founded in 1960, the Association […]

Marco Ajello Awarded the Rising Star in Discovery by the College of Science

Marco Ajello has been awarded the Rising Star in Discovery by the College of Science. This award recognizes excellence in forefront research performed at Clemson University. Marco is interested in understanding the evolution of supermassive black holes and all kinds of high energy phenomena in the universe. Please join me in congratulating the success of […]

Hugo Sanabria Selected to Participate in the President’s Leadership Institute

The purpose of the President’s Leadership Institute is to hone and develop the skills necessary for leadership success with higher education. The institute expands the participant’s knowledge of higher education as an industry and provides a broad understanding of the skills needed for executive leadership. Participants also gain a broader perspective on the impact Clemson […]

Emil Alexov Awarded CUSHR Faculty Fellowship

Emil Alexov has been awarded a CUSHR Faculty Fellowship for the Summer and Fall 2019. The goal of these fellowships is to develop research relationships between Clemson University and Prisma Health. Emil’s focus will be translating laboratory science to clinical medicine with the intent of developing a series of molecular assays related to common drugs used […]

Dr. Emil Alexov awarded $1.5M NIH grant

Congratulations to Dr. Emil Alexov for receiving a $1.5M R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to maintain and further develop DelPhi, the popular method for modeling electrostatics in molecular biology. The new development includes (a) modeling non-electrostatic quantities as temperature, ion and particle flux, just to name a few; (b) expanding DelPhi capabilities to model large objects as molecular machineries, […]

Dr. Feng Ding is awarded an NSF CAREER award

Dr. Feng Ding, Assistant Professor, is awarded an National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development grant for his work in nano-bio interactions. His award was featured in a post on the Clemson Newstand. Learn more about Dr. Ding’s research.