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Prof. Emil Alexov Awarded the Dr. Wallace R. Roy Distinguished Professorship

Prof. Emil Alexov has been awarded the Dr. Wallace R. Roy Professorship. This Professorship recognizes a high degree of collaboration with Prisma Health, success in health research funding and scholarship, evidence of leadership for multidisciplinary health research teams and mentoring of graduate students. Dr. Alexov is entering his 17th year as a member of the faculty of Physics & Astronomy. During this time, he has developed into one of the leaders of our department in all capacities.  He was instrumental in leading the efforts to build our current biophysics program that now includes three other outstanding faculty. He is now leading our search for the Dr. Waenard L. Miller, Jr. ’69 and Sheila M. Miller Endowed Chair in Medical Biophysics. Additionally, he has taken the lead on forming our new M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Medical biophysics. To accomplish this task, he has brought together 35 faculty across 10 departments at Clemson as well a three doctors from Prisma Health. This program will provide outstanding opportunities for students who will be prepared to apply fundamental physical principles to clinically relevant biophysical problems.

He has served as a CUSHR fellow and developed productive collaborations with clinicians at Prisma Health thus demonstrating to translating the insights that have emerged from his fundamental scientific work to application in a clinical environment. His research has garnered $4.3M in support and resulted in over 170 peer-reviewed publications. He maintains a software package, DelPhi, for analysis of macro-biomolecules that has been downloaded over 7000 times from users in 137 different countries. His research is integrated with education as well. To date, Dr. Alexov has graduated 9 Ph.D. students, 3 M.S. students, and 9 undergraduate students. He has also mentored 9 postdocs. His current group is comprised fo 3 postdoctoral researchers, 2 PhD students, 1 MS student, and 1 undergraduate student.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Alexov for his excellence in transformative research and mentorship.



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