Physics and Astronomy

Prof. Kaeppler’s sounding rocket experiment INCAA featured in popular German podcast


German radio journalist Kristian Thees and German actress and entertainer Anke Engelke, talk about the NASA sounding rocket experiment INCAA and the image of tracer releases in Alaska submitted by listener Prof. Gerald Lehmacher, who was co-investigator for the experiment. Prof. Steve Kaeppler and Prof. Miguel Larsen were principal investigator and co-investigator, respectively. The photo […]

Bishwambhar Sengupta awarded postdoc at the University of Washington

Bishwambhar Sengupta, a PhD student with Prof. Takacs, has just accepted an offer for a post-doctoral position at the University of Washington in Seattle. He will join the group of Eric Floyd in the department of Radiation Oncology. Let’s congratulate Bishwambhar on this next excellent next step in his career.

Clemson at PhysTEC 2019

The annual meeting of the Physics Teacher Education Coalition or PhysTEC was held March 2-3, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts and Clemson University had a seat at the table for the first time. Attending the PhysTEC 2019 meeting were Profs. Sean Brittain and Chad Sosolik, who gave a presentation on their 3-year project with the Laurens County school […]

Students Abroad

Third year graduate student Meenakshi Rajagopal is spending 6 months at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) institute near Berlin (Germany). She will work with scientists in the DESY gamma-ray group to perform a new measurement of the extragalactic gamma-ray background. This background represents one of most important observables in multi-messenger astrophysics.

2016 Student Awards Ceremony held April 1st

2016 Student Awards Receipents

The Department of Physics & Astronomy honored this year’s departmental award recipients in its annual ceremony on April 1 and also acknowledged college-level and national scholarship awardees. Department awardees names are forwarded to the college for consideration in the CoES awards.  Department of Physics and Astronomy Outstanding Graduate Researcher: Girish Sharma Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant: […]

Physics Department Incorporated into New College of Science

After twenty-one years in the College of Engineering and Science, Clemson Physics and Astronomy will move to the College of Science in 2016. We will join the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Genetics and Biochemistry, and Mathematical Sciences in the new college. This structure becomes official on July 1, 2016 for business, fiscal, and personnel […]

Summer Courses

Introductory Physics and Astronomy courses are available online this summer. See what is offered and how to take them.