Physics and Astronomy

2016 Student Awards Ceremony held April 1st

2016 Student Awards Receipents
Girish Sharma, Gary Vestal, Jaclyn Schmitt, Joshua Hanson, and Amber Porter. Not shown: Emily Thompson.

The Department of Physics & Astronomy honored this year’s departmental award recipients in its annual ceremony on April 1 and also acknowledged college-level and national scholarship awardees. Department awardees names are forwarded to the college for consideration in the CoES awards.

 Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Outstanding Graduate Researcher: Girish Sharma
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant: Amber Porter
  • L.D. Huff Junior Award: Gary Vestal
  • L.D. Huff Sophomore Award: Joshua Hanson
  • Erin Samantha Cawthorne Award: Jaclyn Schmitt
  • SPS Senior Award: Emily Thompson
College of Engineering and Science
  • Outstanding Graduate Researcher: Girish Sharma (Condensed Matter, advisor: Professor Sumanta Tewari)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Dhruva Kulkarni (Condensed Matter, advisor: Professor Chad Sosolik)
  • Outstanding Senior in the Sciences: Emily Thompson
  • Outstanding Junior in the Sciences: Gary Vestal
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program – Emily Thompson
Congratulations to all our students!