SCATE Card Update

February 7, 2022

South Carolina Agricultural Tax Exemption Card

As some of you may have heard, South Carolina Department of Agriculture has implemented the new SCATE (South Carolina Agricultural Tax Exemption) program. This SCATE card will be used in place of SCDOR’s Agriculture Exemption Certificate (ST-8F). The application is available to the public at: The card costs $24 for a 3 year term which boils down to $8/year. The last day retailers will accept the ST-8F paper document is April 1st, 2022. The sales tax laws for South Carolina have not changed. The only thing that has changed is the way buyers demonstrate they are eligible for certain agriculture tax exemptions. The state also does not require producers to generate a certain level of income from agriculture to qualify for sales tax exemptions unlike similar programs. For those with limited or no computer access, public libraries throughout the state provide free computer access. Contact your local library for more information on public computer access for applying for the SCATE Card.

For more specific information on the SCATE program, contact your local Clemson Extension office, call the SCDA direct at 803-734-2210, or visit

For producers wanting specific information on what products qualify for tax exemption, please email



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