Yoga for Every Body

February 7, 2022

Clemson Cooperative Extension’s Rural Health Team offers virtual yoga classes every Wednesday from 12-12:30 PM. Yoga for Every Body is an all-levels, gentle yoga class designed to help you get more movement during your week. Modifications are offered to complement all abilities, with the option to participate from a comfortable seat or standing. By participating in these weekly classes, you will learn to listen to your body’s cues to find what feels good, reduce stress, increase flexibility and physical activity, and cultivate a practice of gratitude to help shift your perspective.

If interested, register here:

By attending just one class, you gain access to our library of all prior recorded classes, too! Join 10 Yoga for Every Body classes + 1 additional Rural Health Team program this year to participate in our 2022 Challenge! After completing the challenge, you will receive a yoga goodie box with a yoga strap, blocks, and therapy balls to help customize your unique yoga experience.

Ellie Lane, Health Extension Agent


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