ESED Honors and Awards Ceremony

August 9, 2019

On May 3, the Engineering and Science Education Department celebrated our 2019 certificate awardees as well as our departmental award winners with a reception at the David Peebles Room at the Hendrix Student Center.  ESED Certificates are awarded to STEM PhD students who complete a significant amount of work which is over and above their PhD study in their disciplines.  This year, we were proud to award an ESED Certificate to five students: Abdulrahman Bin Mahmoud from Civil Engineering, Hannah Cash from Bioengineering, Meredith Owen in Bioengineering, Fatemeh Tooryan from Electrical Engineering, and Maya Rucks from Industrial Engineering.  The photo shows Department Chair, Dr. Cindy Lee, with Abdulrahman, Meredith, Fatemeh, and Maya.  More information regarding the ESED Certificate Program can be found here.

Awards were also presented to Catherine McGough, ESED Outstanding Graduate Researcher, and Alessandra St. Germain, ESED Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher.  They are shown below with their advisor, Dr. Lisa Benson.