March 7th Seminar: How Do Critical Pedagogies Inform What’s Needed in Equitable Mathematics Instruction?

March 7, 2022

Abstract: An overview of some of the similarities and distinctions between different forms of critical pedagogy will provide a jumping off point for explaining key constructs of equitable mathematics instruction (EMI). Experiences of EMI from instructor and student perspectives will be shared. Finally, critical pedagogy provides a lens that will enable us to envision areas for further improvement.


Nancy Kress is a postdoctoral researcher in Mathematics Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her dissertation focused on equitable mathematics instruction in undergraduate mathematics departments at two large minority serving institutions. Her ongoing research agenda aims to increase implementation of strategies that improve learning experiences for students who identify as members of underserved groups in mathematics. Nancy was a high school mathematics teacher for twenty years, and she has taught both mathematics and education courses at the undergraduate level.