Department of Languages

Faculty member joins Provost’s global learning task force

Associate Professor of Spanish Mónica Rojas de Massei has been appointed to the Provost’s Global Learning Task Force. Read the announcement from Inside Clemson below.

Provost convenes global learning task force

By Sharon Nagy, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Global Engagement

To support the implementation of the ClemsonForward call to infuse global learning throughout the curriculum, Provost Bob Jones has formed a Global Learning Task Force comprised of faculty from across the university.  The Global Learning Task Force will spearhead a faculty-led process to identify global learning outcomes and develop an implementation plan for the delivery and assessment of Global Learning in the undergraduate curriculum. With the support of the Offices of Global Engagement and Undergraduate Studies, the Global Learning Task Force will prepare a recommendation for the Provost and ClemsonForward Steering Committee by the end of the spring semester 2017.

June Pilcher, alumni distinguished professor of psychology, was selected through a call for applications to serve as Faculty Fellow for Global Learning and to chair the Global Learning Task Force.  Representatives from Clemson University’s six colleges plus the libraries serve on the committee. During the fall semester, they were engaged in initial meetings to set a timeline for the project and collect initial information on global learning both at Clemson and at peer institutions. Toward this end, task force members attended conferences on ‘Global Learning and the College Curriculum’ in Colorado and the Annual Colloquium on Engineering Education in Rhode Island.

The task force representatives include: Dr. June Pilcher (Chair, BSHS), Dr. Lisa Benson (CECAS), Dr. Vince Gallicchio (CoS), Dr. Pam Havice (CoE), Dr. Michal Jerzmanowski (CoB), Mr. Ed Rock (CU Libraries), Dr. Mónica Rojas de Massei (CAAH), Dr. Dil Thavarajah (CAFLS), and Dr. Melissa Vogel (BSHS).

During the coming spring semester, the task force will solicit feedback from campus stakeholders through multiple avenues including a survey open to all faculty members, meetings with key faculty committees, and college focus groups before finalizing and delivering the plan to the ClemsonForward Steering Committee.

For more information about the ongoing work of the task force, please contact your college representative listed above.