Department of Languages

Risso, Roberto

«La penna è chiacchierona» Edmondo De Amicis e l’arte del narrare. Franco Cesati Editore, 2018

This monograph examines and analyzes the whole literary production of an author, Edmondo De Amicis (1846-1908) who is well known only for a very limited number of works, especially his best and long seller Cuore (The Heart of a Boy).

Barattoni, Luca

Nuriel, Patricia and Luca Barattoni (eds.): Jewish Identities in Latin American Cinema , a special issue for Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities (2019)

The growing field of Jewish Latin American film studies in recent years accounts for the increasing presence of Jewish  characters and cultural subjects in Latin American cinema. Since their early days, the Jews were among the innovators of the film and music industries in Latin America.