Writing Between Languages: Transnational Currents in Contemporary Japanese Literature

Prof. Gregory Khezrnejat, a Clemson alum, will give a talk on Zoom on Wed. April 6, 2022, 7pm. Greg first studied Japanese in high school. After graduating from Clemson with a double major in Computer Science and English and a minor in Japanese, Prof. Khezrnejat went to Japan with the JET Program, where he taught English in a Japanese junior high school. After JET, he attended graduate school in Kyoto, received a PhD in Japanese literature and took a position at a Japanese university where he teaches Japanese literature and transnationalism. Prof. Khezrnejat wrote a story called Kamogawa Runner (Kamo River Runner) in Japanese. The story received the Kyoto Literature Award and, in October 2021, was published by Kodansha, Japan’s largest publishing house. In this lecture, Prof. Khezrnejat will talk about his background with Japanese language and literature and the process of writing the book, and he will share some general info about the characteristics of contemporary Japanese literature (and differences with English-language literature), as well as trends in transnational literature. Whether you’re studying Japanese or interested in world literature, this talk is sure to be inspiring!

What: Guest Lecture by Prof. Gregory Khezrnejat

Title: Writing Between Languages: Transnational Currents in Contemporary Japanese Literature

When: 7pm Wednesday, April 6

Where: Zoom, registration required

Register herehttps://clemson.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJctd-6sqDkrH9b6Qj_3d4etqluVTSom0Sbk

Contact: Dr. Jae DiBello Takeuchi jtakeuc@clemson.edu with questions