Follow Up Friday

July 15, 2022

Follow Up Friday: from the archives, ICYMI, and upcoming events

From the Archives

Canvas is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) for teaching online. It is also a handy tool for when you are teaching in face-to-face modalities. Using features such as Modules, Discussion Boards, and the Gradebook can make your course more impactful because Canvas can help you and your learners stay on the same page. It can be used as a central storage and presentation site for some course materials. Read this archived post, Keep it in Canvas!, to learn more about how to use Canvas no matter how you teach here at Clemson.


Quick Hits: Grouping Assignments

Grouping assignments can be a great way to add weight to the grades in your courses and adding accommodations to your tests can make them more versatile. Join Clemson Online for a quick look at these topics. In this course, we will explain the purpose of both grouping assignments and online testing accommodation and demonstrate how to use them in your course. All of this in just a 20-minute Quick Hits session! Facilitated by Clemson Online’s Learning Technology Specialists, Axel Ruiz and Gray Jackson.

If you missed out on the July training, not to worry! We have the May Kaltura training which cover the same content. Watch the playlist here!

Originally recorded in May 2022.

Upcoming Events and Live Training


Workshop Wednesday: Easy HTML for Canvas Design Obstacles – A meaningfully organized and formatted course is foundational to successful online teaching. Canvas Pages offer some means to help with formatting your course content, but some design obstacles can persistently remain in the way of formatting the way that you wish. In this Workshop Wednesday, you will learn easy HTML codes, how to insert them, and what they do to help you overcome five design obstacles. This workshop is for anyone using Canvas to teach content of any kind and who is comfortable with basic Canvas Page editing. Facilitated by Laura Scott, Instructional Designer.

Quick Hits: Canvas Quizzes and Academic Integrity – Are you interested in learning how to secure your online tests and quizzes? Join us for a quick look at tools to help you ensure academic integrity in your classes. This training will provide a quick explanation and demonstration on the importance and how-to of securing your online assessments. Facilitated by Axel Ruiz and Gray Jackson, Learning Technology Specialists.

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