Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Amy Pope Awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Amy Pope for being awarded the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award for Outstanding Teacher. This recognition is awarded annually by the Association for General and Liberal Studies to recognize a significant record of outstanding teaching and/or course development in general education programs, core curricula, or liberal studies. Founded in 1960, the Association […]

Simulating gas dynamics and binary black holes on a computer

Supermassive black holes are the universe’s most immense single objects. These monsters can weigh more than a billion suns, and are the subjects of intense interest in the astronomical community. They are the engines powering the spectacular jets of material (so-called AGN jets) that emanate from the cores of some galaxies, and they offer precious clues […]

Dr. Jens Oberheide has Research Highlighted by the AGU

Space Physicist Jens Oberheide is co-author on a study selected as a research highlight by the American Geophysical Union.  The Global-Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) instrument is the first NASA/ComSat owner-operator partnership for delivering a science payload into a geostationary orbit. GOLD’s unique observing geometry mitigates the decade-old problem of low Earth […]

Dr. Jian He and Collaborators Develop a Ductile van der Waals Inorganic Semiconductor

Dr. Jian He of the Department of Physics & Astronomy Clemson is a corresponding author of a Science article describing a new van der Waals inorganic semiconductor. The van der Waals inorganic semiconductors are generally brittle and prone to cleavage in its bulk form at room temperature. However, an international team of scientists found that this […]

Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Leads Paper Featured on the NASA Heliophysics Webpage

Graduate Student, Rafael Mesquita, led a team that measured the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (KHI) as a part of a rocket launch campaign in 2018, out of the Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska. Over the years, folks have observed an increased concentration of nitrogen in the thermosphere (above 100 km and usually oxygen heavy) and atomic oxygen […]

Clemson Faculty Member, Feng Ding, Working to Create a Faster COVID-19 Test

As the pandemic continues to spread and keep our economy at a standstill, one Clemson researcher is hard at work to create a faster COVID-19 test. With funding from an NSF Rapid grant, Dr. Ding is working on a way to provide test results in 15 minutes. Such a test will enable near real-time testing […]

Clemson COVID Challenge

Please join me in congratulating the Medical Physics group for placing 2nd place in the Summer COVID Challenge. The COVID Challenge was a competition for undergraduate students and their mentors across all disciplines to create a video pitch for any research, product, or service that addresses one of the many issues we’re dealing with due […]

Update from PandA.

It has been quite a spring semester. I’d like to thank all of our faculty and GTAs for their excellent efforts at moving our courses online! This has been a Herculean effort, and I’m sure that our students appreciate all you have done for them. In the midst of all of the bad news we […]