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Clemson astrophysicist’s research could shed light on the search for dark matter.

Alex McDaniel, a postdoctoral, and Marco Ajello, an associate professor, in the Clemson University Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Alex McDaniel is a postdoctoral fellow in the Clemson University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and his collaborators search dwarf galaxies for dark matter “that self-annihilates into ordinary matter and gamma rays, a form of light at the highest energy levels. Dwarf galaxies are ideal for study because they are small, rich in dark matter and mostly lack other astrophysics phenomena such as gas, dust and supernova that could contaminate the findings.” McDaniel explains that they specifically look for these because they can give a clear signal or can help rule out certain particle theories. 

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Clemson astrophysicist’s research could provide a hint in the search for dark matter | Clemson News

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