Greenville County Horticulture Updates and Upcoming Programs

February 15, 2023

Mary Vargo, Horticulture Agent


Start Your Own Vegetable and Flower Seeds This Year

Want to learn how to start your own vegetable and flower seeds this year? Join Greenville County Horticulture Agent Mary Vargo and the Greenville Master Gardeners for a seed-starting workshop on February 25, 2023, from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at the Greenville State Farmers Market. Participants will receive a seed starting tray with a humidity dome and learn new techniques and methods to start their own seeds at home successfully. There will be lots of show and tell, as well as vegetable and flower seeds to share! The cost is 12.00, and registration is required for this event. Contact Mary Vargo with any questions:


Carolina Yards Online Course

Registration is now open for the Carolina Yards Online Course.

This asynchronous online class will provide information and techniques to help you create and maintain a more environmentally friendly landscape. Participants are encouraged to complete at least 18 action items from the Carolina Yards Scorecard in order to receive Carolina Yard Certification although yard certification is not mandatory. The course is organized into modules. Each of the 12 content modules contains five parts: Action Guide, Presentation(s), Resources, Discussion, and Measure Up. Modules must be completed in chronological order.

An optional field day will be offered the week of May 8 in the Columbia area. This is an un-graded course. A digital Certificate of Completion will be issued for completing all coursework. A digital badge will be issued for completion of coursework and a minimum of 80% on each module’s Measure Up.

Stay in the Loop

Be on the lookout for additional local gardening programs this spring and summer on various topics taught by Horticulture Agent Mary Vargo and the Greenville County Master Gardeners. Use the Clemson Extension Event Calendar to stay in the loop!

Master Gardener Course Postponed

The Greenville County Master Gardener Course was postponed due to difficulty securing a new location to host the class and is now slated to begin in the fall of 2023.  Complete this form, and we will let you know when pre-registration is available.


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