Health Extension for Diabetes

February 7, 2022

Health Extension in Greenville County has been very busy this winter! Since November 2021, we have received 471 interests for our Health Extension for Diabetes program. We are on track to have 3 full classes filled in February! Health Extension for Diabetes is also expanding into Spanish classes. Beginning this spring, we will be able to offer this program 100 percent in Spanish to reach a broader audience in the county. In addition, our Diabetes Prevention Program will be starting new groups this spring as well. For more information on the Diabetes Prevention Program or Health Extension for Diabetes, you can call or email Health Extension Agent Melissa Bales at 864-365-0635 or If you missed the Know Diabetes by Heart program on the link between heart disease and diabetes in 2021, you still have time to sign up at! Classes for Know Diabetes by Heart will continue through 2022.

Melissa Bales, Health Extension Agent



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