August 10, 2017

The ESED booth on the exhibit floor of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) in June saw a lot of action as many ESED and Clemson alumni dropped by.  In Columbus, OH, ESED faculty and students presented 25 papers and posters.  Several ESED students celebrated their first ASEE presentation including Kathy Ehlert, Dennis Lee, Paran Norton, Khushi Patel.  Cindy Lee, ESED Chair, also had her first presentation at an ASEE meeting.  Kathy Ehlert, an ESED Ph.D. student, ably oversaw the ESED Booth this year.

ESED Ph.D. student Catherine McGough took part on a panel “Pathways into Engineering Education” for the Student Division.  She talked about her journey to graduate school.  The audience included undergraduate students, graduate students in non-engineering-education departments, and people considering a return to school for their Ph.D.

Jackie RohdeJackie Rohde who has been an undergraduate researcher with Lisa Benson’s group presented a paper with her advisor to be, Allison Godwin of Purdue University, and Adam Kirn of the University of Nevada Reno.  Both Allison and Adam are Ph.D. graduates of ESED.  Jackie’s paper “Engineering Allies: The Personalities of Cisgender Engineering Students” was part of the Experience of Diverse Students session.

Dennis Lee and Kathy Ehlert, ESED graduate students, were co-authors of the paper that received the Best Paper award in the Student Division at this year’s meeting.

Eliza Gallagher ESED’s Eliza Gallagher was presented with her award for the Best Paper award for the Mathematics Division at the 2016 meeting.

Molly Kennedy, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and ESED, presented her research on REU students, “Tracking Research Self-Efficacy of Participants in an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Site,” along with Heather Cox, who is the student services program manager for MSE. (Photo of Molly and Heather). Shelby Lanier, an undergraduate researcher on the project, was unable to attend the meeting.

ASEE Alumni News: Cheryl Cass (ESED Cert ’10), who is Director of Undergraduate Education and teaching assistant professor in Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University, stopped at the booth for a chat. (Photo with Erin McCave at the booth).  Erin McCave (ESED Cert ’14), former ESED post-doc, enjoyed her first year with the University of Houston where she is an instructional assistant professor in the Cullen College of Engineering working with first-year students. Adam Kirn (ESED Ph.D. ’14) is an assistant professor at University of Nevada Reno and brought one of his students, Hank Boone, to present at ASEE.  (Photo with Hank Boone). Allison Godwin (ESED Ph.D. ’14), assistant professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University, discussed her collaboration with Lisa Benson, Adam Kirn, and others with Walter Lee (IE BS ‘10). (Photo of Allison at the poster with Walter).

Walter Lee is currently an assistant professor at Virginia Tech in Engineering Education.  Courtney Faber (ESED Ph.D. ’15) is at the University of Tennessee as a lecturer and research assistant professor in the Engineering Honors program. (Photo with Cindy).  Diana Chen (ESED Cert ’16) visited with Julie Martin and Lisa Benson at the Division Social. (Photo). Diana is an assistant professor of General Engineering at the University of San Diego.  Also at the Division Social, Julie caught up with Farzam Maleki (CE Ph.D. ’14) who is at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy as an assistant professor in Engineering.  (Photo with Julie). Heather Chenette (ESED Cert ’14) visited the ESED booth. (Photo with Cindy). Heather is an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

 Erin McCaveAdam and HankAllison and WalterCourtney and Cindy






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