Kathy Ehlert and Dennis Lee Recognized for Best Paper Award

August 9, 2017

Two ESED Ph.D. students, Dennis Lee and Kathy Ehlert, were recognized with the Best Paper award in the Student Division at the 2017 American Society of Engineering Education, which was held in Columbus, OH, June 25-28, 2017. They co-authored the winning paper “Qualitative Coding: An Approach to Assess Inter-Rater Reliability” that was presented in the technical session “Innovative Research Methods” in the Student Division.

The other authors included Anne Marguerite McAlister, Ohio State University, as lead author; Rachel Louis Kajfez, Ohio State University; Courtney June Faber, University of Tennessee and ESED Ph.D. ’15; and Marian S. Kennedy, Clemson University, and ESED joint faculty member.

The paper reported on methods that the authors developed as part of the SPRITE Project which was imitated under the direction of Lisa Benson, ESED faculty.  The SPRITE Project or Student Perspectives on Researcher Identity and Transformation of Epistemologies was funded by the National Science Foundation as a collaborative project in 2015.