Genetics and Biochemistry department members receive grants – Spring 2024

May 9, 2024

Dr. James Lewis works with caterpillars in his lab that will eventually become butterflies

Assistant professor James Lewis was awarded a grant totaling $1,327,489 from the National Science Foundation for his proposal, “CAREER: Functional genomic architecture and population differentiation of a polygenic and sexually dimorphic butterfly mimicry phenotype.”

Assistant professor Jennifer Mason received a $50,000 grant supplement from the American Cancer Society to perform a small compound screen to identify potential targets for cancer therapy.

Genetics major Natalie Shay was awarded an SCbio Foundation Award Grant to intern at Greenwood Genetics Center.

Zhana Duren, assistant professor, received an R21grant from NIDA/NIH totaling 419k. The title is “Statistical methods for gene regulatory analysis of substance use disorder”.


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