Genetics and Biochemistry faculty and grad students publish articles in peer-reviewed journals – Spring 2024

May 9, 2024

Dr. Zhana Duren looks over the shoulder of three students, including Qiuyue Yuan (right)

Assistant Professor Zhana Duren and post doctoral fellow Qiuye Yuan published the article “Inferring gene regulatory networks from single cell multiome data using atlas-scale external data” inNature Biotechnology.

Assistant Professor Miriam Konkel published a paper in Nature’s News and Views section titled, “Mobile DNA explains why humans don’t have tails.”

Trudy Mackay, self family endowed chair of human genetics, and Robert Anholt,  provost distinguished professor of genetics and biochemistry, published: “Pleiotropy, epistasis, and the genetic architecture of quantitative traits. Nat Rev Genet,”  in Nature Review Genetics and “Perspectives on the Drosophila melanogaster model for advances in toxicological science” in Current Protocols.

Hong Luo, among lab members, published the paper, “Gene pyramiding for boosted plant growth and broad abiotic stress tolerance” in Plant Biotechnology Journal. 

Assistant Professor Jennifer Mason, with colleagues, published the paper, FBH1-deficiency sensitizes cells to WEE1 inhibition by promoting mitotic catastrophe” in bioRxiv.

Fifth year Ph.D. student Sabrina Pizzaro published her first paper as a lead author titled,  “Measuring Dynamic Glycosomal pH Changes in Living Trypanosoma brucei,” in JoVE. 


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