Department of Languages

Two 2023 LIH Graduates Ready to Make their Mark in Public Healthcare

The Department of Languages is proud to acknowledge two LIH graduates, Madeleine Wolfe and Rund Adelnabi, both recently featured in Clemson News.

Both Madeleine and Rund will be receiving degrees in Language and International Health with a Spanish concentration. Their unique passions and talents have led them both in different and equally impressive directions.

Madeleine Wolfe, Language and International Health ’23
Image courtesy of Clemson University

Madeleine plans to focus her future efforts on combatting the health disparities that arise in rural communities. She has already had a positive and tangible impact on the local community. During her time at Clemson, she earned her EMS certification and has been working as an EMT with the Clemson University Fire Department. Her unique background in cybersecurity as related to healthcare systems combined with her research with Clemson Rural Health no doubt will allow Madeleine to continue making her mark as she heads off to medical school.

Rund Abdelnabi, Language and International Health ’23
Image courtesy of Clemson University

Rund’s approach is more language-driven. Fluent in three languages, Rund seeks to help Arabic and Spanish speakers access and navigate the complexities of the public healthcare system. Her firsthand experience working in a public health center in Argentina while completing her study abroad program gave her valuable experience in forging meaningful patient relationships, and her goal of becoming a physician’s assistant will allow her to integrate her talents, skills, and passion to make a difference in the experiences and lives of patients in the future.

The Department of Languages heartily congratulates these talented and impressive graduates as they take the next steps in their healthcare journey!