3rd Annual Mini-Workshop on Medical Physics Research

August 24, 2016

Medical Physics Group of the Department of Physics & Astronomy and Medical Beam Laboratories, LLC
Contacts: Prof. Endre Takacs ( and Donald Medlin (
Location: Kinard Laboratory, Lecture Hall 101


(13:00 – 13:10) Opening Remarks
Endre Takacs, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Clemson University

(13:10 – 13:45) Title: “Monte Carlo dosimetry on GPU for radiation therapy applications”
Yannick Lemaréchal, Ph. D., Laboratoire de Traitement de L’Information Médicale (LaTIM), France

(13:45 – 14:20) Title: “Getting more from x-rays: Enhancing radiography with x-ray refraction”
Dean M. Connor, Jr., Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Center for Biomedical Imaging, Medical University of South Carolina.

(14:20 – 14:40) Title: “Dosimetric Study of RGS”
Bishwambhar Sengupta, Graduate Student, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Clemson University

(14:40 – 15:00) Refreshment Break

(15:00 – 15:35) Title: “Radiation-therapy induced bone toxicity”
Jeff Wiley, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, Orthopedic Surgery, School of Medicine, Wake

(15:35 – 16:10) Title: “Effects of ionizing radiation dose and dose rate on adipose stem cell growth and survival”
Delphine Dean, Ph. D., Gregg-Graniteville Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Clemson University

(16:10 – 16:30) Title: “Kinect programming basics and accuracy evaluation”
Tracy Sanders, Undergraduate Student, School of Computing, Clemson University

(16:30) Round Table Discussion about open projects at Medical Beam Laboratories, LLC
Lead by: Members of Medical Beam Laboratories, LLC. All guests are invited to participate.