Komal Kumari Elected Student Representative to the NSF CEDAR Science Steering Committee

June 25, 2019

Graduate student Komal Kumari has been elected student representative to the NSF CEDAR Science Steering Committee where she will serve a two year term. The Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) Program, funded by the National Science Foundation’s Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences Division, studies the interaction region of the Earth’s tenuous upper atmosphere. For over 25 years, CEDAR brings together the U.S. aeronomy community to combine observations from ground based and space based platforms, theory and modeling. As student rep, Komal will provide graduate student input to the CEDAR programmatic priorities and organize the one day student workshop that is part of the annual CEDAR conference. Please join me in congratulating Komal on this well deserved honor.


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