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Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Tailgate

As football starts up this season, the Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Organization would like to show school pride and spirit with a tailgate cookout! We will be hosting a Tailgate Cookout! with lots of food and fun and friends and even maybe a little football.
Where: Right outside the first floor of Kinard, next to the pendulum\parking lots\courtyard area
When: Saturday, September 7th at 11am
Feel free to just stop by for some socializing and FREE FOOD, since I know everyone enjoys free food. We will be serving chicken drumsticks. Please sign up on the google sheet so that we ensure enough food for everyone! We will be serving chicken drumsticks, please let us know of any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, ect.) and we will do our best to accommodate. Sign up here.
We look forward to seeing you there,
Your Physics and Astronomy GSO 2019-2020

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