Physics and Astronomy, Biological Sciences Graduate Students Team Up to Produce Interdisciplinary Podcast

April 18, 2023

Physics and Astronomy Ph.D. student, Scott Joffre has teamed up with Prakrit Subba, a graduate student in Biological Sciences to launch a podcast called Breaking Silos. The pair began the podcast in January and have released ten episodes to date. “Inspired to solve complicated problems by bringing together experts from different fields,” Joffre says, “Breaking Silos enables graduate students in all fields to showcase their research and discuss how their area of study can be applied to solving long-lasting problems in new ways.” Joffre and Subba have covered topics from applying to graduate school, career readiness, writing successful travel grants, ethics, entrepreneurship, and many more! You can check out Breaking Silos on Spotify here.  Happy listening!

Scott Joffre
Prakrit Subba


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