Clemson EFNEP Spartanburg County moves Nutrition Education Classes to the virtual field.

March 11, 2021

photo of Evelyn SantanaSouth Carolina, as the rest of the world, since March-2020, is facing unprecedented circumstances due to the world pandemic for COVID-19. The Clemson EFNEP statewide family as every South Carolinian, learned to live a new lifestyle. We acquired new hygiene routines, social distancing routines, etc. Clemson EFNEP canceled all in person classes statewide and stopped teaching in the schools as these, also closed their doors to the public.

Our beloved children, adult learners’ lives, and their safety, became our first priority. Life as we had always known, was changed overnight and the new lifestyle presented us with new challenges, this did not stop the EFNEP team to caring for our consumers and found innovative ways to serve the Spartanburg Co. community.

We came up with methods and systems all new to us to thrive in our passion for serving our consumers Evelyn Santana, the appointed EFNEP Nutrition Educator for Spartanburg Co. steadily worked with our partners throughout the county to do what we do best, teaching nutrition lessons and keeping Spartanburg residents, a little healthier.  As of today, we can say that the EFNEP Nutrition Educator for Spartanburg Co Extension Office has been working hard to teach youth and adults, taking advantage of the extra time parents and children had to spend at their homes. The Eating Smart Being Active Curriculum is taught to adults, in both English and Spanish, these are a series of lessons, 100% free of cost for low-income families caring for children ages 18 and under.
If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of these classes, do not hesitate to contact us. Evelyn can be reached at the Spartanburg County Office’s telephone number (864) 491-0421 or at for virtual classes


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