Commercial Horticulture with Sarah Scott

February 2, 2021

2020 has been a year for resiliency. Crops demanded attention despite a global pandemic. Like most years, research was done to improve our knowledge of crops for the future. Some of the projects done throughout the Ridge, specifically in the peach crop this year, included work on herbicide effectiveness, bacterial disease management, and nutrient management and retention. Throughout the season, we maintained research trials at various locations along the Ridge in order to gain information on techniques, products, and management strategies that offer the best results for growers and the peach production industry. These research projects will continue throughout the coming seasons in order to collect more information to compile for further research.

In addition to several research projects in the area, a new weather station was erected in one of our peach variety trial fields. The weather station will help collect better data on temperatures and weather patterns that can affect the peach crops. One of the critical factors that impacts the peach crop is the number of chilling hours that a crop builds throughout the dormant season. Peaches require a certain number of “chill hours” to be accumulated during dormancy. These chill hours determine when the variety will flower and can impact the quality of fruit as well as the quantity. Having a local weather station with reliable readings will be extremely helpful in predicting future seasons.

For more information on commercial horticulture, please contact Sarah Scott by email or by phone 803-384-4152.

Weather station in Edgefield County peach field


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