Master Gardener Volunteer Training Course Offers Skills to Help Volunteers Serve Spartanburg

February 15, 2023

Drew Jeffers
Horticulture and Natural Resource Agent

Master GardenersThe South Carolina Master Gardener Volunteer program is still carrying on the mission to be extensions of extension service professionals and serve the community! We had 12 participants graduate from the training program in fall 2023 and 20 from spring 2022. All have returned to their local communities and begun serving the needs of the citizens of Spartanburg County. Master Gardneners

The Master Gardener course covers soil amendments, fertilizers, proper planting, responsible pest management techniques, and how to help homeowners diagnose and manage plant problems. These volunteers have a tremendous impact on the community providing unbiased, researched back information daily. Last year, Spartanburg county master gardeners reported over 20,000 hours of volunteer service, equating to approximately $600,000 of service contributions back to the county.Master Gardeners in class




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