On-Farm Grape Trial Yields Coming in Now

September 13, 2022

Rhazzmatazz' with the developer, Jeff Bloodworth

Rhazzmatazz’ with the developer, Jeff Bloodworth

An On-Farm planting located at a cooperating farm has established new experimental grape varieties and new muscadine cultivars. Fruit harvest began two weeks ago with ‘Rhazzmatazz,’ a novel seedless hybrid muscadine-vinifera hybrid grape developed by Gardens Alive plant breeder Jeff Bloodworth.

The next grape I just started harvesting is ‘Oh My,’ another seedless cultivar from the same company. Muscadine plants we are evaluating but have not started picking are ‘Paulk’ and ‘Ruby Crisp.’ These are University of Georgia cultivars donated by Dr. Patrick Conner. Other experimental varieties will not begin fruiting till next year as plants were planted one year after initial planting. Yield and quality data on these varieties are being collected for direct farm application. Information from this planting and the demonstration grape farm at Clemson’s Musser Farm assists several new muscadine farmers in the upstate.

Five farmers from several counties toured the Musser Farm to observe small fruit production. Three farmers recently accompanied me to Gardens Alive Farm in Kings Mountain to consider newer varieties.

Grapes fit well into fall production programs, especially for anyone growing pumpkins and doing Fall field days. We know what works now, but many new varieties are being cultivated. We will be ready for what is coming next with the information we gather from these trials.

Andy Rollins, Upstate Fruit & Vegetable Agent




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