SC 4-H Small Garden Project

August 26, 2022

Spartanburg County 4-H’ers and brothers, Jackson and Neyland Brockman, participated in the South Carolina 4-H Small Garden Project this summer.  This is the brothers’ second time participating in the project and they have learned a lot!

This year, instead of planting a traditional garden, they opted for something a little different.  The brothers researched “sister gardens” and decided to plant corn, peas, and melons together.  The corn was planted in a circle, the peas were planted a little bit later and climbed the corn, and the melons were trained to grow around the base of the circle of corn.  The brothers also grew vegetables in raised beds and discovered that mint kept the farm cats from tearing up the garden.  The loofah gourd is their favorite plant and they enjoyed giving bouquets of zinnias they grew to friends and family.

Both boys completed 4-H Project Record Books where they kept track of their income and expenses for the garden, set goals for the project, and analyzed their successes and failures.  Small Gardens were judged, and record books submitted to the State 4-H Small Garden Project Committee this month to be considered for prizes.

Spartanburg County was well represented by the Brockman brothers!

To view video, please click here.


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