Department of Languages

German Program Zooming along, connecting with high schools and alumni

Faith DuPre, Political Science and German (2019) Walhalla High School visit, November 4th, 2021.

Although COVID is still making in-person visits to area high school German programs difficult, schools are accepting visits via Zoom. While it is difficult to meet with former students who now live miles away or who may still be avoiding crowded events due to COVID, technology is helping us to stay connected.

This year, the German program has visited 10 different high schools in the state and in Charlotte, NC, bringing along alumni and current students to participate in the conversations.

The result has been well-received by high school teachers and students who like hearing the personal accounts of our German students both at college and in the workforce.  They are especially impressed when they see that their visitors are in Europe.

Among German program alumni, there are many who desire to keep in touch with their alma mater and who also want to continue to practice their German. For these reasons, the German program began the German alumni Stammtisch (conversation table) this past fall and held its first conversation on 10 November. Stammtisch has given students and alumni a chance to connect with friends in the business community and with recent and not so recent grads.