Bringing 4-H to You

August 31, 2022

Summer is a time of fun and rejuvenation for kids. It also gives space for them to discover new interests and hone established skills. To encourage this inquisitiveness, Fairfield 4-H curated a Bucket List series of weekly activities that could be done at home with simple household supplies. From money management to cooking challenges, the themed activities encourage engagement with life skills in entertaining ways. Even though school is back in session, your family can continue to use the Summer Bucket List Series as boredom busters. Access them on the Fairfield Co SC 4-H Facebook page or the PDF downloads.

Take-home kits were also assembled for six activities: Marshmallow Towers, Pinecone Birdfeeders, Shadows and Sundials, Binary Code Bracelets, Herb Garden in a Glove, and Optical Illusions. These kits were given to children at Winnfield West Apartments and at community events throughout the summer. The kit model will be extended into the upcoming school year as the Take-Out 4-H Club. Sign up to receive one free activity kit per month until May!


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