Annual Tree Farm Field Tour

September 1, 2022

The South Carolina Tree Farm Committee’s Annual Field Tour & Awards Ceremony will be held at Bill McCrary’s Fairfield Co. Tree Farm in Winnsboro, SC on Sept. 15, 2022.

McCrary is 2021 SC Tree Farmer of the Year. Early in his career, as a forester working for Georgia-Pacific Corp., he received the Outstanding Young Forester Leadership Award from the SC Chapter of the Society of American Foresters. He was a two-time District 6 Tree Farmer of the Year prior to becoming SC Tree Farmer of the Year.

TOUR STOPS: Learn the history of the SC Piedmont and how the landscape was transformed into a thriving pine forest; learn about strategic integration of timber production and wildlife management objectives; gain insights on using prescribed fire for wildlife habitat management; learn about the many benefits of ponds; and learn how no-till planting can help reduce overall costs, as well as save time while rebuilding your soil.


Cost is $40 per person.


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