Pollen Timing Chart for Honey Bees Offered

September 12, 2022

There has been an increasing interest in recent years for pollinators of all types.  There has also been an increase in beekeepers and those interested in providing plantings specifically for honey bees.

Honey bee pollen timing chart factsheet image.

The Honey Bee Pollen Timing Chart fact sheet, found on the Clemson Home and Garden Information Center website.

There are a number of plants that are frequented by many types of pollinators, but some of those are used little if at all by honey bees.  To help local residents specifically plant to feed honey bees Bryan Smith developed a Honey Bee Pollen Timing Chart.  The chart not only lists over 70 plants frequented regularly by honey bees, but also provides a tabular graph to show when each plant’s pollen will be available to honey bees.  This chart will help local residents to plant a varied field or bed for honey bees that can provide a food source for them almost all year.

The fact sheet explaining the chart may be found here:

The link to the actual chart is in the fact sheet, but may be found here:


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