Soil Sample Drop Box Now Available

January 29, 2021

The Laurens County Extension Office is still closed to the public at this time to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  However, to better serve you we have installed a soil sample drop box on the front porch of the Laurens Extension Office.  This is to allow non-contact sample drop off to protect everyone from the COVID-19 spread.

We are currently accepting the following sample types in the box:

Soil Samples
Hay Samples
Forage Samples
Compost Samples

These are all non-time-sensitive samples – if they stay in the box a day or two, there will be no change in the samples.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE PAYMENT IN THE BOX!  We have a holder on the left of the box with self-addressed envelopes.  Take one and mail your check to us made out to “Clemson University” for the samples you drop off.  We do not want to leave payment in the box for security reasons.

We are NOT accepting the following sample types in the box, since they are time-sensitive and will degrade quickly.  You should mail these samples directly to the Clemson Ag Service Lab or Clemson’s Plant Problem Clinic:

Manure Samples (mail to the Ag Service Lab)
Weed ID Samples (mail to the Plant Problem Clinic)
Insect ID Samples (mail to the Plant Problem Clinic)
Nematode Samples (mail to the Plant Problem Clinic)
Leaf Tissue Samples (mail to the Ag Service Lab)

(We have forms and instructions in the green tote beside the drop box for time-sensitive samples that should be mailed directly to the Ag Service Lab or the Plant Problem Clinic, including the address for the Lab and the Clinic for each type of sample.)

When you drop off your soil or forage samples, please include the completed sample form with your samples.  We have blank forms in the green tote beside the soil sample drop box; you may prefer to print them out at home before you come.  If you do, the links to the forms are:

Soil Sample Form:
(Your soil code should always be “4”)

Crop Codes to tell us what you are growing:

Forage Sample Form:

You can also just go to , click on “Soil Testing” or “Feed and Forage” on the left side, then click on the form on the right side of the next page.

Costs – Standard soil samples are still $6.00 each.  If you would like the results mailed to you instead of emailed, add $1.00 to the entire order (not $1.00 per sample).  Standard forage samples (test for ADF, NDF, Crude Protein) are still $16.00 each, and also add $1.00 if you prefer it to be mailed.  If you would like to add other items to be tested in a sample, please add the listed price beside the additional items.

If we are in the office when you bring your soil samples, we can accept your check then in a non-contact way.  Knock on the door, and when we come to the door put your check for payment in the black mailbox.  We will walk out and retrieve both samples and check when you leave to keep the transaction non-contact.  DO NOT leave the payment in the mail box if we are not there – please mail it in to us instead.  This is for your protection – we do not want your payment to mistakenly be picked up by a mail carrier.  (Bryan Smith is in the office most days, but please call first to confirm we will be in the office if you need to leave your check while there.)

If you have questions on filling out the form, or simply need pricing help, please call Bryan Smith at 864-705-1101 (office direct line) or email

We hope to be able to take credit card payment for samples over the phone later this year.  At this time, though, payment can only be made by check.

Thank you for your continued support.  If you have a Facebook account you may want to “like” our Facebook pages.  We post opportunities, meeting announcements, and ideas there throughout the year:

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Bryan Smith, County Coordinator


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