Wanted: Volunteers!

February 8, 2022

Stephanie Eidt
4-H Youth Development Fairfield County Extension Agent

Do you like working with children and/or want to be involved as your child explores their interests? Is your family suffering from the cabin fever of short winter days? Tired of the refrain “I’m bored” when there’s a wild and wonderful world out there?



Consider becoming a certified 4-H volunteer and offering positive experiences for students about a subject you enjoy. Clubs typically meet once a month to conduct an hour of hands-on interaction with a group of 5-20 students. 4-H is innovative and flexible and can support clubs around specialized topics such as fishing, sewing, or robotics. If you prefer to be less specialized, your group can investigate the breadth of 4-H programming with an Explorers’ Club.

Miss Stephanie can guide you through the application process and planning the club’s itinerary of activities. Through a club, members will have access to programmatic resources (like the aforementioned rocket launcher) and statewide opportunities like 4-H camp and the Pinckney leadership conference. 4-H relies on volunteers to make programming available to larger audiences, and we thank you for your interest. Inspiring a child is easier than you think! Contact Stephanie Eidt at 803-589-8977 or for more information.



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