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What’s Wrong With My Dogwood Tree?

Tree on the left has little to no leaves while the tree on the right is fully leafed out.

Dogwood trees (Cornus species) are one of South Carolina’s beautiful flowering tree species, blooming in early spring. Their white flowers can often be seen in the forest understory before most other trees have leafed out, and many people have them as a part of their landscape. But, sometimes, that dogwood in your yard might not […]

Wisteria is in Bloom Across South Carolina

Long flowers of the non-native invasive forms of wisteria Photo Credit: Dave Coyle, Clemson Extension.

Large, showy, purple wisteria flowers are covering trees along roadsides this time of year. While they are pretty, most of what you are seeing is also invasive. Several wisteria species live in South Carolina. American (Wisteria frutescens) and Kentucky wisteria (W. macrostachya) are native species. They are not all that aggressive in terms of their […]