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round brown tick with spot on its back

Anybody who has spent time in the woods or other wild surroundings is familiar with ticks, those blood-sucking arachnids that seek out creatures, including we humans, on which to feed. Most of us also know that ticks are carriers of numerous diseases, the most known being Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. However, many […]

Quail In a Quandary

Male northern bobwhite quail. Photo Credit: TJ Savereno, Clemson Extension.

With a lot of recent interest in bringing back the northern bobwhite quail, conversations with landowners often turn to reflections on bygone days. They recall working fields with bird dogs alongside their fathers and/or grandfathers and flushing numerous coveys within a few hours. Others reflect on simply hearing the whistling of cocks in the spring […]

Herbicide Application: Label is the LAW

Off-label use of diuron lead to the death of all pines within 30 feet of this pond’s shoreline. Shrubs were also in decline and will likely die. TJ Savereno, 2020, Clemson Extension

Phone calls from landowners having problems with aquatic weeds are pretty common for Extension Agents every spring, and this year has been no exception. Due possibly to the mild winter from which we just emerged, calls seemed to start earlier than normal and have been coming in steadily. Some aquatic vegetation is beneficial to a […]