Clemson Extension Forestry and Wildlife

Edge Feathering for Wildlife Benefit

Plant Succession from a fallow crop to a mature forest. Image adapted from University of Missouri Extension

Spring has sprung, and many are ready to get out on their property to continue their forest and wildlife management. One often overlooked aspect of wildlife management is the edge. The edge is the zone where two or more different habitat types intersect. Enhancing and expanding this area using a technique called ‘edge feathering’ can […]

Flowering Dogwoods – Diseases and Pests

Spring has sprung and the landscape is rapidly greening up. Many trees and other plant species are putting on leaves, blooms, and other springtime features. One showy species that is common across the state is the dogwood. When most people think of the dogwood, they are thinking of the Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida), however, there […]