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Glossary of Forestry Terms

      A Absentee Landowner – Landowners who do not live in the county in which their land is located. Acceptable Growing Stock (AGS) – Trees that are of good form, species, and quality and would be satisfactory as crop trees. Acid Soils – Soils with a pH value below 7.0. Pines grow well […]

Tractors and Implements for Forest Landowners- Part 1: Tractors

You will want to make sure you have a vehicle and trailer capable of towing your tractor. Be sure to account for the weight of any implements you may tow as well. Photo credit: Stephen Pohlman, Clemson Extension.

As a forest landowner myself, I cannot imagine actively managing property without using the modern-day tractor. In the coming series of articles, I want to discuss the importance of tractor implements and how they can help you manage your property. But first, let’s discuss the tractor and the needs of the forest landowner. In this […]

Your Final Harvest is Complete: So, What’s Next?

If you have a large amount of logging debris and uncut stems you may need to use heavy equipment, like this shearing blade equipped dozier, to clear your site. Photo: Tom Brant

Many timberland owners will only final harvest their timber one time in their lives. Once harvested, they are faced with something they have not dealt with before, what to do with the cutover land. If they have plans to convert it to another use like pasture, cropland, or possibly some type of development, they can […]