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Invasive Pests in South Carolina Forests: Those Here, and Those on the Way

close-up of the metallic green emerald ash borer

The forests of South Carolina – like those throughout the United States – certainly have their share of pests. While most of these pests are native and typically only impact stressed or injured trees, several non-native species are present and established in South Carolina. And of those non-native species, a few are true invasives, capable […]

An Update on the Asian Longhorned Beetle in South Carolina

Adult Asian longhorned beetle. Photo Credit: Dr. David Coyle, Clemson Extension.

The Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is an invasive woodboring pest found in Charleston County in May 2020. ALB primarily attacks maples (especially red maple), elms, willows, birches, and several other tree species. Adults are large (up to 1 ½” long) black beetles with white spots, black and white striped antennae, and bluish feet. ALB signs […]

Asian Longhorned Beetle Detected in South Carolina

Figure 1. Picture of Asian Longhorned Beetle. Photo credit: Dave Coyle, Clemson Extension

The Asian longhorned beetle has been found near Hollywood, SC. This invasive tree pest primarily attacks maples (especially red maple) but also elms, willows, birches, and several other tree species. Clemson Regulatory Services, Clemson Extension, and USDA APHIS need your help in detecting this beetle, which is currently found only in Charleston County. Adults are […]